[Review] COSRX Galactomyces Whitening Power Essence

I have been a fan of COSRX since they produced products that mostly create possitive effects on my skin with an affordable price. I have tried their snail essence, oil free ultra moistirizing lotion, and low pH good morning gel cleanser.

I have been using their snail essence and very happy with the result, so I continue with this Galactomyces essence. Whether this product is a hit or miss please check the full review below.


As we talk about the packaging, like any other COSRX product, they are being consistent with the white simple box and I like it. I find it clean and simple. While the essence itself packed in a clear plastic bottle with pump, so it is safe for me as a mother of an active kids.


The texture watery but not as liquid as MISSHA First Treatment Essence or SK-II FTE. I have to pump twice to get a proper amount to cover all of my face and neck. It also does not have any fragrance and it is a double plus point for me.


Anti aging, reduce wrinkles, hydrates skin, reduce hyperpigmentation, make a glow and radiant skin, whitening effect, lighten acne scars.


Honestly after using it more than a month, I still not see a significant result. For hydrating effect, I do feel it once I put it on my face, but it does not stay long. As for any other claims, I also did not feel it in my skin.

The plus points are how they absorb quickly into my skin and how it does not contain any fragrance. While the plastic bottle also considered to be a plus point for me.


🌟🌟🌟 (3/5)


I will try another essence or back to COSRX snail essence.

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