My (Almost) Everyday Makeup Products

Hello! Today I want to share about beauty products that I use almost every day. There are combination between western, Japanese and Korean products. I am a fan of Korean products because I feel that I could get a good quality beauty products with more affordable price, but there are also some western products I cannot switch.

Here are makeup products I use almost every day.


Credit : google

About 3 years ago I try this loose powder because my mom is a big fan of SK-II products. I like this product and use it everyday because it feels very light on my skin, the value for money comparison also make sense. I bought this product around IDR 580.000 (USD 44.5) but it takes almost a year for me to complete this. I have been use another loose powder brand before, for around IDR 350.000 (USD 30) the content is less than half of the SK-II.


This is my third purchase of this product. The price is very affordable, I bought it for IDR 35.000 (USD 3) in a local online shop. The shade really match my eyebrow color and the shape of the eyebrow pencil tip makes it easier for me to apply this on my eyebrow. I use the #02 shade, it is a gray brown shade.


For me, mascara is not a product that I cannot leave behind. I use it everyday, but if I forget and don’t bring it along while I travelled, I’ll survive. So my mascara dictionary is not rich. I only ever bought 3 brands my whole life. This product is enough for my daily natural makeup. I bought it for IDR 50.000 (USD 3.5), very affordable.


I always use blusher everyday. This is one of product I cannot live without. I even use blusher once I go for a jog. For blusher brand I have been tied up to MAC. The color range is rich, the price is normal, and it really pigmented to the point sometimes I feel that it takes ages for me to complete the product.


This Urban Decay eye shadow palette is one of my favourite palette. It is indeed quite pricey but I am very satisfied with the result. With the help of Urban Decay Primer Potion, the eye shadow colour come up very beautiful and pigmented. So if I consider the result, I don’t mind buying this product for IDR 700.000 (USD 58.5). But the problem of buying eye shadow palette is we never use all of the shades. I only use 5 out of 12 shades for my daily application. My favourites are : Virgin, Darkhorse, Hustle, Creep and Gunmetal.


Laneige is one of my favourite Korean beauty product brand. The lip products also my top favourite. This two tone tint lip bar is the new version of previous two tone lip bar with more moisturized and glossy result while delivering the strong colour. For those who hate to have two lip product for gradient look, this product give the best solution with satisfying result. I’m in love with this. I use the #08 Cherry Milk colour as my favourite.

Have you try any of this products? And what do you think of them? Please share in comment below. Thanks for stop by. Love.

My Skincare Journey

Kali ini saya mau share mengenai perjalanan skincare saya dari beberapa tahun yang lalu sampai saat ini. Sebenarnya saat menginjak bangku SMA, saya memiliki masalah dengan wajah berjerawat. Berbagai produk  skincare yang beredar di pasaran sudah saya coba tapi tidak ada yang berhasil menghilangkan masalah ini.

Sampai suatu saat saya mulai masuk bangku kuliah dan pindah ke Bandung. Waktu itu saya masuk suatu pusat perbelanjaan dan mata saya tertuju dengan salah satu counter kosmetik di tempat tersebut. Ya itu adalah counter Clinique. Salah satu produk  skincare dari Amerika. Awalnya saya mencoba basic three step dari Clinique, melihat efeknya selama beberapa bulan dan setelah puas dengan hasilnya yang dapat membuat wajah saya tidak berjerawat lagi, kemudian saya hanya menggunakan satu merek ini saja untuk keseluruhan skincare routine saya.

Credit : Google (Pinterest)

Karena saya biasanya cenderung loyal terhadap satu merek apabila memang sudah merasa cocok, akhirnya saya bertahan menggunakan Clinique selama hampir 11 tahun. Lantas kenapa saya menghentikan penggunaan produk ini setelah bertahan untuk tidak pindah ke lain produk selama 11 tahun? Awalnya waktu itu saya merasa kulit saya menjadi cenderung kering. Saya berpikir mungkin karena sehari-hari lebih banyak berada di ruangan ber-AC atau karena konsumsi air saya yang kurang. Tapi setelah sekian lama mencoba berbagai cara tetap saja saya mulai merasa tidak cocok dengan apapun produk Clinique (mungkin karena sudah terlalu lama menggunakan produk ini sehingga kulit sudah terlalu kebal).

Akhirnyaaa setelah lama menggunakan produk Clinique dan harus mencari yang lain, rasanya seperti sudah pacaran lama, harus putus dan pindah ke lain hati. Saya mencoba beberapa merek skincare lain. Mulai dari merek Jepang, America dan lain-lain tapi belum ada yang cocok. Sampai saya mencoba produk skincare Korea. Awalnya saya memilih produk asal negeri ginseng ini karena termakan drama-drama Korea. Takjub dengan kulit mereka yang begitu indah dan dibuktikan juga pada saat saya berkunjung ke sana, saya jatuh cinta dengan kulit orang Korea.

Saat itu saya mencoba produk Laneige seri water bank dan saya suka sekali bagaimana efek produk ini terhadap kulit saya. Saya menggunakan produk ini untuk waktu yang cukup lama sekitar dua tahun. 

Source : Google

Tapi setelah itu saya mulai tertarik untuk mencoba produk Korea lainnya dan inilah asal muasal saya suka mencoba produk-produk skincare Korea. Melalui blog ini saya juga ingin berbagi review mengenai produk-produk skincare yang pernah saya coba. Karena sebelum saya mencoba suatu produk biasanya saya sendiri juga cenderung untuk mencari review dari orang-orang yang sudah mencoba produk tersebut. Makanya saya juga ingin melakukan hal yang sama dengan orang-orang yang saya anggap sudah banyak membantu saya melalui review mereka. Untuk teman-teman yang juga punya review beberapa produk boleh lho share melalui kolom komentar. Terima kasih.

My Daily Skin Care Routine

I’m going to share my daily skin care routine. I’m not a beauty expert, so what I’m going to do is just sharing and hope the post could help you.
I am one of those people who believe that maintain your skin since early age is very important.
I tend to be so loyal to one brand if I do really find the significant result in my skin using that product. I have been using Clinique since my first step to enter college (around year 2000) because it could make my acne prone skin turn into a very fine skin 😘, Β and I continued to use it for 10 years. But after that I feel like my skin is getting used to it and didn’t get any great impact anymore, even my skin tend to dry and cracks. I do some research online and some people wrote that you couldn’t use the same skin care for a very long time.
Then I started to search for another skin care brand and nothing matched my skin. Either I had a red rash or just dry and cracked skin. One day, my good friend recommend me to try Laneige. Since I live in a full day aircon environment (office, car, house) then I gave it a try for the Laneige Water Bank Series and I loved it. So I continue to use it up until now (but I stil use some other brand that I already find matches my skin really well)
Here are my daily skin care routine :
Morning skin care routine :
  1. I wash my face with Laneige Foam Cleanser Moisture
  2. I continue to use Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner. The texture is quite similar with toner for those whose more familiar with western skin care.
  3. Laneige Water Bank Essence_EX
  4. Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream_EX. Laneige also having the gel variant but since my skin tend to be drier, so i choose the cream type.
  5. Shiseido SPF 30 Sun Block
For night skin routine is almost the same with the morning one, but I only take the sunblock out and add the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX to the list, apply it after cream.
Well, those are the basic skin care I daily put on my skin. Every skin is different so the skin care product also varies due to your skin type. I have a normal to dry skin but oily in my T-Zone.
Here is the snap of the skin care product I have mentioned above.
Feel free to ask on the comment and I would review one of this product more detail next.
Thank you for reading and hope this post would benefited all of you. 😘😘😘