[Review] Olivarrier Skin Barrier Dual Moist Comfort Cream

I did not really pay attention on this brand before, but one day I really need a light but provide deep moist cream. I searched for recommendation online and get to know this Olivarrier Dual Moist Cream.
Currently I’m using it on rotation with some other creams. Here are my thoughts on this cream.


This cream come with a tall and slim plastic tube. Nothing special from the packaging, but I do really like their slim and compact design, also how they keep the packaging design simple with only use two tone colours of white and grey.


This cream contains expert ratio of both moisture and oil to keep skin perfectly hydrated and balanced.
It said the lightweight texture is fresh like a gel, but provides deep and long-lasting moisture like a heavy cream.
It also an unscented cream which is a really plus point for me.


It claimed to have relieve dryness and restore elasticity and helps soothe stressed skin.


For me the cream works like the claims. It provides long lasting moisture. Even after I wash my face with water before prayer, the moisture is still there.
For those with a dry, combination and sensitive skin, the cream would be perfect.
The fact that it does not have any scent is a really big plus points.
I need to apply it by patting it on my face and makes sure your prior skincare (toner, essence or serum) are fully absorbed before you put this, because it leaves white cast if you put it on a damp skin.


I don’t think so. This is a good product, but I need to find another cream that will sattisfied me more.


🌟🌟🌟🌟 (4/5)